eLiquor Express Stores

eLiquor Express Bottle Stores

For R 260 000, 00 (Excl Vat and Stock) you can own a fully fitted and furnished (as per inventory) legal liquor store or bottle store. Liquor License Application Included. Stores is projected to generate between R 55 000, 00 to R 85 000, 00 profit per month! We offer a complete turnkey start-up bottle store solution. (SIMILAR LOOKING, PRIVATE AND INDIVIDUALLY OWNED BOTTLE STORE OR LIQUOR STORE OUTLETS TRADING UNDER THE SAME NAME, OR UNDER YOUR OWN NAME, POWERED BY ELIQUOR ONLINE. We offer competitive pricing strategies and profitable retailing solutions and a system that assist you with daily management. Weekly GPs are calculated and reported to you. The system ensures you sell line items with PROVEN RATE OF SALE and keep track of NEW ITEM LISTINGS, ensuring good return on investment.